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Introducing The Safari Cat

First Generation Safari Cat Marechal Xspotica


The Safari cat is a relatively new hybrid breed that is created using the exotic Geoffroy cat. The Safari cat is a fun loving, always on the go cat that you won't find resting very often. They are very rare, with less than 100 having been registered in The International Cat Association as of February 2013. We are currently successful in breeding the F1 and F2 generations and hope to start with 3rd (F3) generation breeding in  2013 with our new F2 girl Lickit SM'ears from Colette at Cocoa's Pride.

There are very few actual Safari breeders around but there are a number of people that claim the cats they are selling are Safari cats. These cats are VERY, VERY hard to breed. Your Safari cat should look similar in coat to a Geoffroy cat. Be very careful of scams when researching this breed. I have been working with them for close to 11 years as of 2013 and would be happy to look at any photos that are presented to you as Safari cats and offer my opinion on that photo. Two breeders I can recommend are Colette at Cocoa's Pride in Washington and Kim at Tuminello Exotics in Florida. I have seen many Bengal cats labeled and sold as Safari cats as well as plain domestic cats so do your research!

History of the Safari Cat Breed

Safari cats were originally bred back in the 1970's  for use in Leukemia research by Washington State University. Breeding the Safari cat is difficult due to the difference in the number of chromosomes in the breeds used. The domestic cat carries 38 chromosomes, while the Geoffroy has only 36 chromosomes. The  side effect of this difference in the two breeds is that the F1 Safari cat ends up with an odd number of chromosomes (37) which seems to increase size dramatically.  A Geoffroy cat is normally between 5 lbs - 10lbs, the F1 male offspring tend to get close to 20 lbs. We have not noticed any increase in size in the F2 generation, they are normal domestic cat sized or in the case of female, they are small like the Geoffroy cat.

F1 Safari Cat - Marechal Cattery

F1 Safari Cat Female

We do NOT ship our Safari cats out of the United States.

F2 Safari Cat Female Kitten

About Marechal Cattery

We are a "hybrid" cattery specializing in the Chausie, Bengal, Safari and Savannah domestic breeds. In Safari Cats we are currently  breeding the F1 and F2 generations and hope to move into F3's in 2013. 

NOTE: Not all cats on premises, some used for reference only

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